Get Your Guest Room, Guest Ready!


Organized spaces not only make your home look nice, they make your guests feel welcome.
Clear out the clutter with clever storage containers to maximize space in your small rooms.
Under the bed storage and reworking your closet will make room for your stuff and theirs.


Doesn’t it seem that your guest room becomes the catch-all room? You toss your unfinished craft projects in there. You store your unused gym gear in there. There is wrapping paper from last Christmas standing in the corner. The jackets you haven’t worn since spring are tossed across the bed. Somewhere in there is the birthday gift you bought for your mom, but couldn’t find on her birthday.

I know you don’t want to think about it just yet, but the holidays are coming! Let’s get your guest room, guest ready now, rather than the night before Thanksgiving. Together we can choose clever storage that doubles as decor. And who knows, maybe we’ll find your Mom’s gift and you can give it to her for Hanukkah!

I’ll help you design a better closet.
One that has room for your things, as well as your guest’s.


Holiday Decor and Packages…
All in Order and Wrapped with a Bow!

As you are putting away the Halloween decorations and making room for your guests in the spare room, you probably also ran across your holiday decor. Is your holiday storage less than spectacular? I can organize a space for your holiday decorations and gift wrapping station with some of my favorite items.